Frequently Asked Questions / General Information

Mod Specific
  • Q: Will you make a <= 1.7.0 version?
  • A: No.

  • Q: My game crashed!
  • A: Assuming the crash happend with only Bookworm and ZAWA report it here.

  • Q: I found a bug how can I report it?
  • A: Click this link here.

  • Q: The spawns are broken or too frequent?!?!
  • A: There is a config file located in the .minecraft folder where you can edit spawn rates.

  • Q: How do I get an animal out of the ATV?
  • A: Shift and Right Click the ATV.

  • Q: How do I destroy a vehicle?
  • A: Shift and Right Click or Punch it.

  • Q: Can you add this animal?
  • A: We are currently not taking animal suggestions.

  • Q: I have a non-animal suggestion
  • A: Although we love hearing suggestions we currently are not looking for any new ones.
Animals In The Mod

- African Lion - Albatross (various species) - Amur Leopard - Andean Condor - Asian Elephant - Bengal Tiger - Black Rhinoceros - Black Spider Monkey - Bottlenose Dolphin - Cockatoo - Fiji Banded Iguana - Gaur - Green Anaconda - Grevy's Zebra - Hawksbill Sea Turtle - Indian Gharial - Indian Pangolin - Japanese Giant Salamander - Koala - Macaw (various species) - Meerkat - Nile Hippopotamus - Okapi - Orca (Killer Whale) - Pacific Walrus - Polar Bear - Red Kangaroo - Red Panda - Reticulated Giraffe - Toucan (various species) - Tree Frog (various species) - Western Lowland Gorilla