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Only items that have a 'significant' feature are shown

Click on the image of an item to see its crafting recipe! You will find kibble crafting recipes on their respective animal's page.

Animal Ball

A basic enrichment toy that all animals in ZAWA can use.

Animal Care Guide

A simple in-game wiki that describes some of the things you have to do in order to keep animals happy and healthy.

Animal Data Book

The animal data book can be used to get all the information you would possibly need about a ZAWA animal. This includes their kibble, breeding vial, current stats, and more!

bear fur image

Animal Fur/Leather

Most ZAWA animals will drop some fur or leather and some of them can be used to make armour.

Animal Net

The animal net allows you to pick up an animal for simple transportation! Simply left click an animal with an empty net to capture them, and right click with a full net to release them.

Animal Transport Vehicle

The A.T.V. can either be used as a standard vehicle, or you can interact click the vehicle with a animal net to transport the animal in the net around in style.

ape vial image

Breeding Vials

The breeding vials are used to breed two tamed ZAWA animals of opposite sex, and are crafted using a specific kibble and a bottle of water. Use the Data Book on an animal to see what vial they will require.


A basic enrichment item that can be used on almost every animal with fur.


Can be used on a tamed Gaur to start riding it. This item cannot be removed after being placed on a Gaur!


Form of currency that ZAWA NPCs will accept.

Command Wand

The command wand can be used to make tamed animals go to your current location. By hitting the animal with the command wand you will select it and by right clicking the ground you will make the animal attempt to move to your location.

Exploration Guide

The exploration guide will allow you to see all the animals that can be spawned in the biome that you select, as well as the chance, minimum, and maximum spawn rates.

Hunting Rifle

The hunting rifle is one of two new weapons that can be used to deal damage. It requires rifle bullets to use!


Kibble is the base of all kibbles used to tame ZAWA animals! Depending on the trait of the animal, it may take more than one try. Use the animal data book to find out what kibble the animal you are trying to tame needs.


The shotgun is one of two new weapons that can be used to deal damage. It requires shotgun ammo to use!

Tracking Device

The tracking device can be used to find the locations of your tamed animals within a 50 block radius of your current location.

Tranquilizer Gun

The tranquilizer gun can be used to either paralyze or poison an animal, depending on the darts used. It requires one of those two darts to use!

Zoo Painting

The zoo painting can be placed like a normal painting, however if you sneak and right click near the painting (within around 1 block) with a ZAWA spawn egg the painting will change to that animal.

Limited use items and their crafting recipes are below

Poison Dart

Rifle Bullet

Shotgun Bullet


Tranquilizer Dart