How To Tame

Interact click the animal you would like to tame with the kibble that suits them until you see a heart effect.


All ZAWA animals have one trait. Traits are randomly assigned when the animal spawns and can affect their tame rate. All the traits: HARDY, LONELY, BRAVE, ADAMANT, NAUGHTY, BOLD, DOCILE, RELAXED, IMPISH, LAX, TIMID, HASTY, SERIOUS, JOLLY, NAIVE, MODEST, MILD, QUIET, BASHFUL, RASH, CALM, GENTLE, SASSY, CAREFUL, QUIRKY, NONE.


Unless the animal is NAIVE, LONELY, or CAREFUL it will have a 1 in 5 chance of being tamed. NAIVE = 1 in 3, LONELY = 1 in 11, CAREFUL = 1 in 13.

Tamed Animals

As soon as you tame an animal its hunger and enrichment will start to depreciate [See Care Guide for more]. Tamed animals will display more information in the animal data book as well as have the option to Stay, Wander, and Follow (depending on the animal).